101st Proposal 4 Romance
18vs29 8 Drama, Comedy, Romance
2009 Alien Baseball Team 4 Sport, romance
9 End 2 Outs 3 Romance, comedy
A Love to Kill 4
A Man’s Story / Story of A Man 4 Action, romance
A Second Proposal 4
All About Eve 3 Drama, Romance
All In 8 Drama, Romance, Crime
Aquarius 7 Romance, family
Autumn Tale / Endless Love 3 Drama, Romance
Assorted Gems (NEW) 4
Bad Couple 4 Romance, comedy
Bad Love 5 Romance
Beating Heart 2 Romance, family drama
Beautiful Days 4
Beethoven Virus 4 Romance, drama, comedy
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic 3 Medical drama
Billie Jean, Look at Me 3 Romantic comedy
Bittersweet Life 6 Romance
Boys Before Flowers 4 Romance, comedy
Cain and Abel 4 Romance, action
Can Anyone Love 7 Family, Comedy
Capital Scandal 6
Chunja’s Happy Events 10 Romance, family
Chuno / The Slave Hunter (NEW) 4
Cinderella Man 4 Romance
City Hall 3 Romance
City of Glass 7 Romance
Coffee Prince 5 Romance, Comedy
Couple of Fantasy / Fantasy Couple 4 Romance, Comedy
Creating Destiny (NEW) 4 Romance, family
Dal Ja’s Spring 4
Daughter in Law (NEW) 6 Romance, family
Sassy Girl Choon-hyang 7 Comedy, romance, drama
Don’t Ask Me About the Past / SMELL 4 Romance, comedy
Don’t Hesitate (NEW) 6 Romance, drama
Drama City 2
Dream 4 Romance, sports
East of Eden 7 Action, romance
Empress Chun Chu / The Iron Empress 8 Historical
Everybody Cha Cha Cha / Jolly Widows 8 Family, romance
Family’s Honor / Marrying the Mafia 7 Romance, family
First Love 9
Friend, Our Legend 4 Romance, friendship
Friends 2002 1 Romance
Full House 3 Romance, Comedy
General Hospital 2 4 Medical drama
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung 4 Romance, Comedy
Give Me Food 6 Romance, family
God Of Study  (NEW) 3 School, Comedy, Romance
Golden Bride 8 Romance, family
Golden Era of Daughter in Law 8 Romance
Good Job, Good Job 5 Romance, family
Princess Hours 6 Romance, Comedy
Prince Hours / Princess Hours 2 3 Romance, Comedy
Gourmet 6 Romance
Great Inheritance 4
Green Rose 4 Drama, Romance, Suspense
Hanoi Bride 2
Hateful But Once Again 6 Romance
Heading to the Ground 3 Sports, romance
Hello, God 4 Drama, Romance
Hello! Miss 6 Romance, Comedy
Hero (NEW) 3 Comedy
Hometown Legends 2 Fantasy, Horror
New Hometown Legends (2009) 2 Fantasy, Horror
Hong Gil Dong 4 Comedy, romance, action, drama
Hot Blood 4 Drama
Hotelier 3 Drama, Romance
Hwang Jin Yi 5 Period-Traditional Drama
I Can’t Stop (NEW) 3 Romance, family
I Love You 4 Romance
IRIS (NEW) 4 Action, mystery, thriller, romance
Ice Girl 4
Iljimae 5 Historical
Im Sorry I Love You 4 Human drama, romance
In-Soon is Pretty 6 Drama, Romance
Innocent You (NEW) 6 Romance, family
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (NEW) 3 Romance, comedy
Ireland 4
Ja Myung Go / Princess Ja Myung Go 5 Historical, period, romance
Jeong Yak Yong (NEW) 4
Jewel in the Palace 7
Jumong / The Book of Three Han 7 Historical
Kimcheed Radish Cubes 6 Romance
King Yi San 10 Historical
Kingdom of The Winds 7 Period Drama, Fantasy
Kyung Sook’s Father 2 Family
Land of Wine 5
Last Scandal 4 Romance
The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea 4 Romance
Let’s Go to the Beach 5 Drama, Romance, Comedy
Little bride 5
Little Mom Scandal 4 Comedy
Looking For Dorothy 2 Mystery
Love in Heaven 4
Love in Three Color 8
Love Marriage 4 Romance, comedy
Love Story in Harvard 4 Drama, Romance
Loveholic 2
Lovers 5 Romance & drama
Lovers in Paris 4 Romance
Loving You 5 Drama, Romance
Loving You a Thousand Times (NEW) 7 Romance, melodrama
Mackerel Run 4 Comedy, Drama, High School
Magic 5
Marrying a Millionaire 4 Drama, Romance
Memories in Bali 6
Mina 4
Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest 4 Romance
Mr Goodbye 4 Romance/Comedy
My 19 Year Old Sister in Law 5
My Boss My Lady 3
My Fair Lady (NEW) 3 Romance, comedy
My Girl 4 Romance, Comedy
My Life’s Golden Age 6 Romance, family
My Love 6 Romance
My Love Patzzi 4
My Lovely Sam-Soon 3 Romance, Comedy
My Mom, Super Mom 4
My Precious Child 7 Family, romance
My Sweet City / My Sweet Seoul 4 Romance
Obstetrics & gynecology doctors (NEW) 3
Oh My Lovers 7
On Air 5
One Fine Day 4 Romance
One Mom and Three Dads 4 Romance
Only You 4
Over the Rainbow 6 Drama, Romance
Partner 3 Law, romance
Pasta (NEW) 3 Romance
Perhaps Love 2 Romance
Person I Love 5
Popcorn 5 Drama, Romance
Powerful Opponents 4 Romance
Princess Lulu 6 Romance, Comedy, Drama
Princess Snow White 4
Project Runway Korea (NEW) 3
Queen of Housewives 4 Romance
Queen of the Game 3 Romance
Queen Seon Duk 8 Historical, period
Robber 5 Romance
Romance 5 Drama, Romance, Comedy
Romance Zero 4 Romance, comedy
Sad Sonata 4
Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School 6 Romance, comedy, drama
Save the Last Dance for Me 4 Drama, Romance
Screen 6
Secret 6
Secret Campus 4 Comedy, Drama, High School
The Secret Lovers 4
She is Cool 6
Shin Don 7 Historical
Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy 4 Romance, family
Single Again 4 Comedy & Romance
Single Dad in Love 4 Romance
Smile Again 4 Drama, Romance
Smile, You (NEW) 6 Romance, comedy, family
Smurim 4
Someday 5 Romance
Soul 2 Horror, romance, tragedy
Soul Spesial 3 Horror, romance, tragedy
Spotlight 4 Romance
Spring Day 5
Spring Waltz 5 Romance
Stained Glass 5 Melodrama, Romance
Stairway to Heaven 7 Romance, Drama
Wish Upon a Star / Star Falling The Sky (NEW) 3 Romance
Star’s Lover 5 Romance
Strongest Chil Woo 5 Historical
Style 3 Romance
Successful Story of a Bright Girl 4 Comedy, Romance
Summer Days 2
Summer Scent 4 Romance
Sunny & Jenny 5
Super Rookie 5
Swallow the Sun 5 Romance, action
Taereung National Village 2
Tamra The Island 3 Period
Tazza 5 Romance, action
Temptation of an Angel (NEW) 4 Melodrama
Temptation of Wife 10 Family, melodrama
Terroir 5 Romance
Thank You 6 Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
That Fool 4 Romance, Comedy
The Great King Sejong 9 Historical
The King and I 16 Historical
The Legend 6 Period Drama
The Man Who Can’t Get Married 3 Comedy, romance
The Painter of the Wind 5 Period, romance
The Perfect Girl 6 Drama
The Queen Returns 4 Romance, melodrama
The Reputable Family (NEW) 2 historical, period
The Return of Iljimae 5 Historical, romance
The Road Home 10 Romance, family
The Scale of Providence 4 Romance
The Secret of CooCoo Island 6 Adventure , Comedy ,Thriller
The Snow Queen 4 Romance, Drama
The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House 6 Romance, family
The Woman Who Wants To Marry (NEW) 3 Drama, Romance
The Vineyard Man 4
Thousand Years of Love 4 Romance, fantasy
Three Brother (NEW) 3
Time Between Dog and Wolf 3 Action, Romance
Tree of Heaven 4
Triple 3 Romance, sport
Two Wives 8 Romance, family, melodrama
U-Turn 2
Vacation(TVXQ) 2 Romance, Drama, Comedy
Wedding 5 Drama, Romance, Comedy
What Happened in Island 4
What Planet Are You From ? 4
What’s Up Fox 6
When A Man Loves A Woman 3
When It’s At Night 4 Romance, comedy
White Lies 10 Romance, family
Who Are You? 4 Romance
Why Did You Come to My House 5 Romance, comedy
Will it Snow at Christmas? (NEW) 4 Melodrama, romance
Winter Bird 5 Romance
Winter Sonata 7 Drama, Romance
Witch Yoo Hee 6 Comedy, Romance
Women of the Sun 5 Romance, melodrama
Woman Wife 8
Wonder Bakery 2
Working Mom 4 Family, romance
Wonderful Life 4 Drama, comedy, romance, family
Worlds Within 4 Romance
You Are My Destiny 10 Romance, family
You’re Beautiful (NEW) 3 Romance, comedy

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