A Love to kill

A Love to kill

Disc(s): 4DVD

Main Casts : Rain, Shin Min-ah, Kim Sa-rang, Lee Ki-woo
Total Episodes : 16 eps


Determined to spend the rest of his life with Han Da-jung to pay her for saving his life, Bok-ku one day falls in love with Cha Eun-suk, a top actress and the ex-girlfriend of his older brother. Bok-ku becomes her bodyguard to avenge his brother, who falls off a building while watching Eun-suk announce her engagement with another guy on TV and ends up in a vegetative state.
But, ironically, Bok-ku ends up falling in love with Eun-suk against his wish. Eun-suk is engaged – against her will – with Kim Jun-sung, the scion of a family-owned conglomerate that she advertises. Jun-sung aspires to become a politician someday, but he is also the future successor of the Hankuk Group, a company with an impeccable reputation. Eun-suk and Jun-sung are forced to get engaged after they are caught being together one day.
Rain – Kang Bok-ku: This good-looking but hot-tempered guy hates to attract women’s attention. He lives with Han Da-jung, a tough-minded woman who is solely preoccupied with making money and whom Bok-ku follows everywhere.

Shin Min-ah – Cha Eun-suk: A top-class actress, Eun-suk has it all – wealth, fame and popularity. But on the inside she is an ordinary twenty-something woman. One day she falls in love with Bok-ku, but their love is doomed.

Kim Sa-rang – Han Da-jung: A friend of Bok-ku’s since orphanage, Da-jung burns her face while trying to rescue Bok-ku from fire. She takes care of Bok-ku while engaging in all kinds of dangerous jobs to make money.

Lee Ki-woo – Kim Jun-sung: The scion of a family-owned conglomerate, Ki-woo is an athletic and well-mannered guy. He is forced to get engaged with Eun-suk after being accused of sexual harassment. Though he does not love her, he agrees to marry her to restore the reputation of his father’s company.


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