Lovers in Paris

Lovers in Paris

Disc(s): 4DVD

Genre : Romance
Main Casts : Park Shin-yang, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Dong-gun
Total Episodes : 20 eps


Kang Tae-young (Kim Jeong-eun) (SBS) Han Ki-ju (Park Shin-yang) (SBS) Yoon Su-hyuk (Lee Dong-geon) (KBS) Can you imagine what it would be like to become Cinderella? Sophisticated romance and passion taking place in the beautiful city of Paris… Tae-young (Kim Jeong-eun), who used to help her father manage a small, run-down theater in the outskirts of Seoul, decides to leave for Paris to study after her father passes away.

Although Tae-young makes it to Paris, she finds that she cannot afford to even pay her rent unless she works part-time. One day, she gets a job as a cleaning lady at a beautiful mansion-style apartment. Ki-ju (Park Shin-yang) was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As the son of a multi-millionaire, Ki-ju is a bright and sophisticated gentleman with a good sense of humor. Ki-ju has only one fear in life: love. In the past, he went through a loveless marriage arranged by his parents that ultimately led to a divorce. Despite these factors, Ki-ju soon finds himself helplessly falling for the unsophisticated, yet genuine charm of Tae-young.


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