Powerful Opponents

Powerful Opponents

Disc(s): 4DVD

Also known as:
Formidable Rivals / Rivals / Adversaries
Genre : Romance
Main Casts : Chae Rim as Cha Young Jin, Lee Jin Wook as Kang Soo Ho, Choi Ja Hye as Jung Yoo Min, Lee Jong Hyuk as Ryu Gwan Pil, Go Myung Hwan as Byung Wook.
Total Episodes : 16 eps


Cha Young Jin is the first female to ever work as a bodyguard in the Presidential resident, Chungwadae. Young Jin and Yoo Gwang Pil work as bodyguards assigned to watch over the president’s son, Kang Soo Ho. They are assigned to guard Soo Ho for 15 months.


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