Super Mom

Super Mom

Disc(s): 4DVD

Also known as:
My Mom! Super Mom!
Genre : Family, School
Main Casts : Jin Won as Choi Kang, Park Min ji as Oh Chae Rin, Woo Ri as Kang Eun Gi, Kim Ha Neul as Choi Hoon, Shim Hye Jin as Choi Kang’s mother.
Total Episodes : 25 eps


Mothers’ Zeal for Education People do not trust the public education and sends their children to private academia for education. Parents living today bear heavy burden on how to provide better education to their kids.As both parents and children are busy moving from school to private tutoring sessions, they become exhausted and feel distant from each other.From the view point of children, “My Mom, Super Mom” looks into lives of today’s mothers and their struggle to send their children to top universities.It will show that the true solution to education problem lies in the loving family with trust and self-sacrifice. It will reflect on the meaning of family.


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