The Painter of the Wind

The Painter of the Wind

Disc(s): 5DVD

Also known as: Wind’s Flower Garden / Garden of the Wind
Genre : Period, romance
Main Casts : Moon Geun Young as Shin Yoon Bok , Park Shin Yang as Kim Hong Do , Park Jin Woo as Jang Hyo Won ,Park Hyuk Kwon as Lee In Moon (Kim Hong Do’s friend) , Ahn Suk Hwan as Shin Han Pyeong (Yoon Bok’s adopted father) , Lee Joon as Shin Young Bok , Ryu Seung Ryong as Kim Jo Nyun , Bae Soo Bin as King Jeong Jo , Jung In Gi as Hong Gook Young , Im Ji Eun as Queen Jeong Soon , Kim Eung Soo as Jang Byuk Soo , Moon Chae Won as Jeong Hyang , Lee Mi Young as Mok Kye Wol .
Total Episodes : 16 eps

Shin Yun Bok is a talented painter who disguises herself as a boy to search for her father’s murderer and meets a master painter who guided her into being a great painter. Kim Hong Do is the man who teaches Yoon Bok how to paint and they develop a strong friendship of mentor and disciple.


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