What happened in Bali

What happened in Bali

Disc(s): 6DVD

Also known as:
Memories in Bali
Main Casts : Ha Ji Won as Lee Soo-jung, Jo In Sung as Jung Jae-min, So Ji Sup as Kang In-wook, Park Ye Jin as Choi Young-joo, Kim Il Woo as Jae-min’s older brother, Kim Ha Kyoon as Cho Sang-bae, Shin Yi as Park Mi-hee
Total Episodes : 20 eps


Starring popular young stars Ha Ji-won, So Ji-sub, and Cho In-sung, SBS’s TV-series”Something Happened in Bali” unfolds a suspenseful story weaving love, desires, jealousy and grudges.

Jae Min (Cho In-sung) goes to Jakarta with his fiancee, Soo Jung to inspect a factory his company is about to merge with. Soo Jung insists going with him since her ex-boyfriend Leenuk (So Ji-sub) works in the factory.

Planning a vacation in Bali before leaving Indonesia, Leenuk is asked to postpone the vacation since the inspector from the parent company is visiting the factory.

Rich vs poor, love vs money…how will it end?


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