White Lies

White Lies

Disc(s): 10DVD

Genre : Romance, family
Main Casts : Shin Eun Gyung as Seo Eun Young, Kim Yoo Suk as Kang Jung Woo, Kim Tae Hyun as Kang Hyung Woo, Im Ji Eun as Hong Na Kyung, Kim Hae Sook as Madam Shin, Ahn Suk Hwan as (Eun Young’s father), Kim Hye Ok as (Eun Young’s mother), Kim Young Ran as (Jung Woo’s mother), Kim Jin, Lee Suk Joon.
Total Episodes : 200 eps


Han Ji Sook is a single mother who falls in love with a married man. The man, Kang Chul Soo, already has a family with his wife, Yoon Young Hee. When Young Hee finds out about Chul Soo’s extramarital affair, she distances herself away from him. Eventually they get divorced and Chul Soo starts a new life with Ji Sook. However, as luck would have it Chul Soo gets into a car accident and loses all of his memories of Ji Sook. Young Hee then has to pretend that she and Chul Soo are still married.


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