Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata

Disc(s): 7DVD

Genre : Drama, Romance
Main Casts : Bae Yong-Joon, Choi Ji-Woo
Total Episodes : 20 eps

First love, just by the careful reminiscing over these words people become emotional. Everyone feels that their first love was pure and near to them but as time passes the memories become faded.What if the first person that gave you these pure and innocent feelings had died? And what if this man that looked just like her first love appeared in front of her ten years later, right before she is about to get married? Can she fall in love with this man just because of the fact that he resembles hum? This drama tells the story of three people that are bounded together because of the destiny of their first love. Destiny has made these three meet, separate, and become entrapped by their ‘Family’ they had long forgotten about. The chained relationship intertwining among these people will slowly unfold in a mysterious way.


Bae Yong-Joon:

Kang Jun-sang:Jun-sang transfers to a high school in Chuncheon, where he hopes to find his birth father and finally verify his identity and where destiny brings him and Yu-jin together.

Lee Min-hyung:

Min-hyung looks exactly as Jun-sang, whom Yu-jin met 10 years ago. This reserved and introverted character is an executive of the White Ski Resort run by Seun Group. He meets Yu-jin, who works at a construction company, at a business meeting on the ski resort’s renovation.

Choi Ji-Woo:
Jeong Yu-jin:After losing her high-school sweetheart, Jun-sang, in an accident 10 years ago, Yu-jin meets Min-hyung, who looks exactly like Jun-sang, and falls in love with him. She works as an interior designer, and has an outgoing and sprightly personality. But deep inside, she still mourns her first love.


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