Can Anyone Love

Can Anyone Love

Disc(s): 7DVD

Title: 사랑은 아무나 하나 / Sarangeun Amuna Hana
Also known as : Can Anyone Love / Dare to Love / Love to Anybody
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 50


A comedy drama centering around 4 sisters. The sisters and their families live in the same multi-story building with a coffee shop on the 1st floor.


Oh sisters’ family

Ji Soo Won as Oh Poong Ran (1st sister, writer)
Lee Sung Min as Heo Se Dol (Poong Ran’s husband, car salesman)
Yoo Ho Jung as Oh Seol Ran (2nd sister, doctor)
Yoon Da Hoon as Lee Soo Nam (Seol Ran’s husband, dentist)
Yeo Jin Goo as Lee Poo Reum Chan (Seol Ran & Soo Nam’s son)
Han Go Eun as Oh Geum Ran (3rd sister)
Jung Da Bin as Oh Jang Mi (Geum Ran’s daughter)
Son Hwa Ryung as Oh Bong Sun (4th sister)
Im Hyun Sik as Oh Kab Soo (father)
Park Jung Soo as Park Ae Sook (mother)

Other people

Tei as Danny Hong (coffee shop employee)
Park Kwang Hyun as Lee Soon Shin (doctor)
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Ryu Young Ha (soap opera screenwriter)
Kim Ji Wan as Jang Tae Woo (sports fitness trainer)
Ha Hwang Haiyen as Yanti (South Sea island girl)
Seo Hye Won as Dal Ja
Song Ok Sook as Kim Jin Moo (Lee Soon Shin’s mother)
Yoo Seung Bong as Lee Soon Shin’s father
Ahn Seo Hyun as Ha Neul
Tae Hwang as Gong Chang Soo
Yoon Ji Eun


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