Mackerel Run

Mackerel Run

Disc(s): 4DVD

Title: 달려라 고등어 / Mackerel Run
Also known as: Run! Mackerel / Go Mackerel / Dal Go
Genre: Comedy, Drama, High School
Episodes: 8


A high school drama filled with hilarious moments.


Lee Min Ho as Cha Gong Chan
Moon Chae Won as Min Yoon Seo
Kwon Se In (권세인) as Baek Hyun
Jung Yoon Jo as Yoon Sae Mi

Extended Cast
Lee Bong Gyu as Min Joo Hwa (Yoon Seo’s father)
Lee Sa Jang as Heo Young Sook (Yoon Seo’s mother)
Lee Geum Ja as Lee Kyun Jin (Gong Chan’s mother)
Lee Byung Joon as Ma Do Shik
Kim Joo Young as Go Bong Tae (Gong Chan’s friend)
?? as Jang Dong Gul
?? as Shim Chung Ah
?? as Ahn Kyung Tae
?? as Kim Doo Son
?? as Yoon Taek Han
?? as Ki Yeo Woon


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