Marrying a Millionaire

Marrying a Millionaire

Disc(s): 4DVD

백만장자와 결혼하기 / baek-man-jang-ja-wa gyeol-hon-ha-gi
Also known as: To Marry a Millionaire (KBFD-TV)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16


Want to marry a millionaire? Add one ‘Average Joe’, be one of eight women selected, and money from the television network station and you can.

Han Eun-young works as a clerk at a bank, trying to pay off the debts her step-mother and sister have piled on her. Kim Young-hoon is your regular, ‘Average Joe’, worker. He provides for his father, his older brother and his wife, as well as his younger brother.
One day, PD Yoo Jin-ha is asked to take over the project, “Marry a Millionaire”. Reluctantly, he agrees to handle the project. His search begins for the perfect man to play the ‘millionaire’. His goal is to use a man who is an average worker, but can pull off the facade of a millionaire. Kim Young-hoon is that man. Although he works hard for a living, there are many who can easily mistake him for a rich guy.
By chance, Eun-young is selected to be a particpant in the TV show. Although the women are not supposed to know that this millionaire of their’s is just a regular worker, Eun-young knows his true identity.
Simple. Young-hoon was her first love. After many years, they meet up again at a party. Although she didn’t recognize him at first, she realized it was the young boy she had fallen in love with back in middle school. Although she says she made a mistake in liking him, being in the show with him is bringing up warm feelings once again.

Marrying a Millionaire is based on the US reality television show


Kim Hyun Joo as Han Eun-young
Go Soo as Kim Young-hoon
Yoon Sang Hyun as Yoo Jin-ha
Son Tae Young as Jung Soo-min
Jung Jin as Jung Sung-sik
Kim Ki Bum as young Kim Young-hoon
Lee Mi Young as Goo Jung-sun (Eun-young’s step-mother)
Yoo Chae Young as Lee Soo-ji (Eun-young’s step-sister)
Park Geun Hyung as Kim Jung-dae (Young-hoon’s father)
Choi Sung Min as Kim Seung-hoon (Young-hoon’s older brother)
Jo Kyung Hoon as Pyeon Sung Joon


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