Romance Zero

Romance Zero

Disc(s): 4DVD

Title: 하자 전담반 제로 / Haja Jeondamban Zero
Also known as: Romance Zero / Haja Squad Zero / Zero Flawed Task Force
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16


Kim Woo Jin was the top couple manager at a matchmaking company until he makes a mistake one day that sees him reassigned to lead Team Zero, a group of people who have had little success in matchmaking couples. In order to keep their jobs, they try their best to find romance for their clients, but their own love lives are also sadly lacking.


Lee Tae Sung as Kim Woo Jin
Lee Da In as Jo Mi Na
Kang In as Na Ho Tae
Kim Hee Won (김희원) as Mrs. Jang
Jay Kim as Kim Doo Hyun
Lee Kyung Eun (이경은) as Oh Soo Jung
Yang Bae Chu as Jung Do Ryung
Go Yoon Hoo as Baek Do Hoon (ep. 7)


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