Golden Fish

Golden Fish

  • Disc(s): 3dvd
  • Genre : Romance, melodrama
  • Total Episodes : 100+


This drama tells the story of a man who falls in love with his stepsister.

Revenge vs. Love
A new dark horse, revenge.
An eternal theme that went across generations, mellow.
It can’t be more stale than these.
But if the two were mixed?
Revenge’s coldness and love’s warmth make up for each other’s flaws.
It’s more fun, and it touches on human nature through the double-edged sword of love and revenge.

Revenge seems to be the longest journey to find love.
The journey is filled with jealousy, good and evil, and innocence… It’s human.
This drama.. it is masked as revenge but the destination is love.

Revenge’s Season
This drama shows always-changing situations.
It doesn’t rely on the pure stimulant as other revenge dramas did.
It follows the minds of people are carefully involved in different events.
Viewers will agree that in revenge, there is no winner or loser.

Drama that Shows Human Depravity and Fantasy
Just once, I’d like to step over the person who made me this way.
The story of human depravity that cannot be shown!

Pretty boys, go! It’s time for pretty men.
Their faces have wrinkles but their hearts are smooth.. the growth of their love.
Their desire is to have a dream love before they die.

This drama’s catharsis of revenge and fantasy of a pure love will satisfy.

Golden Fish Trailer


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